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Importing your contacts to SendHub


Getting your contacts into SendHub is a critical next step. As we'll see later in the guide, when you have your contact list in SendHub, it's much easier and faster to use SendHub to make calls, send texts and communicate with groups. 

Fortunately, we offer a number of ways to import your contacts: 

1. Import Gmail Contacts. If you use Gmail to store and manage your contacts, simply click the "Import Gmail Contacts" button. If you're logged into your Google Account, you'll see a dialogue requesting permission to let SendHub manage your contacts. If you're not logged in to your Google account, you'll have to login. When you grant us that permission, we will import your Gmail contacts into SendHub.
2. Import Yahoo Contacts. If you use Yahoo Mail to store and manage your contacts, click the "Import Yahoo Contacts" button. Yahoo will ask you to give SendHub permission to access your Yahoo profile and connections. When you've done that, we'll import your Yahoo contacts and make them accessible to you inside SendHub.

3. Upload a CSV file. If you keep your contacts in Microsoft Outlook, Apple Contacts, or another app, this is your best option. To import your contacts to SendHub via CSV file, select your CSV file from your desktop and click the "Upload" button.
Last Updated Feb 09, 2017