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Adding lines manually

You can also manually add new lines to your account, one-by-one.

To add a new line:
  • Navigate to "Manage Lines" from the menu on the left side of the screen
  • Click "Add Line"

  • Fill in the name field, username field, password field, and select the area code for their SendHub phone number

  • Click "Create" to add the line to your company's account
Note: Manually adding lines will bill you per line for the plan you are currently in. Your next scheduled payment will be immediately adjusted to reflect these changes.

Advanced Settings

When you are creating a new line, you will see the option to configure some advanced settings.
Click on the arrow next to the "Advanced settings" text when you're creating a new line to access them.

From the advanced settings, you can:
  • Add a signature
  • Disable incoming messages
  • Add an auto response for incoming messages
Last Updated Oct 12, 2016