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Deleting your SendHub account

To delete your SendHub account and all lines in it:
  • Login to the admin account of your enterprise on the web
  • Navigate to “My Settings” by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down to “Delete my account”
  • Click the red “Delete Account button” (no delete button? Read Note 2 below the following screenshot)
  • For security purposes, once you click delete, our support team will follow up with the email on the account to confirm deletion (your account will not be deleted and you will continue to be billed until you reply to the email from confirming deletion)

 Note: Deleting your account can only be done on web. Once you confirm, there is no undo.

Note 2: Only account admins can delete your account. If you do not see the button to delete your account, you must request this to the user with admin rights in your enterprise. Read more here.
Last Updated May 02, 2017