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Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for SendHub are as follows:



Supported browsers:
  • Internet Explorer (9 or later)
  • Firefox (4.0 or later)
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (5.0 or later)

To make sure you have the most updated version of your browser:
  • Click here if you use Chrome
  • Click here if you use Firefox
  • Click here if you use Safari
  • Click here if you use Internet Explorer

We do not support:
  • Internet Explorer 8 and earlier
  • Opera
  • Mobile browsers
SendHub is accessible from the web or mobile devices (our site is mobile optimized) so you can completely manage all your contacts from anywhere - no installation required.
SendHub's web application works by using Adobe Flash Player for calls on any Web Browser except Google Chrome and Firefox. In order to make a call using SendHub, you must allow SendHub to access your microphone. Plug-ins or extensions that block Javascript can not be used with our web application.  It is also strongly recommended to not disable cookies, as our site uses them for certain features.

To allow permission to use your microphone, simply:
  • Select "Allow" and "Remember" when prompted
  • Click "Close"
  • You will now be able to make calls using SendHub



iOS 8 or later.


3.0 or later, stock Android ROMs.

Note: SendHub does not support the ART runtime or Kindle devices.



SendHub can work on either wifi or cellular data. By default, it will use wifi or data. For calls, if you would like to change this, you can change it on your settings to bridge the call with your normal cell phone.
Last Updated Feb 09, 2017