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  1. What are some of the API's features?

  2. What is an API call?

  3. What is a webhook URL?

  4. How many API requests does my plan include?

  1. What are some of the API's features?

Powerful Inbox:

  • Sending and receive messages with no setup

  • Keep your conversations in context with message threads

Send to individuals and groups:

  • Fully functional contact database out of the box

  • Organize your contacts easily with groups

Value add features:

  • Schedule messages to be sent later

  • Let contacts join your groups via Text to Join

  • Get realtime feedback on your messages


  1. What is an API call?

The SendHub API allows you to build software capable of performing SendHub's functions like sending messages, adding contacts or editing groups.

Each time your software sends a request to SendHub to perform an action, like sending a message, that will count as 1 call against your plan.

To find out more detailed information, check out the developer site, where you can access the “Getting Started” guide, as well as the full API documentation.


  1. What is a webhook URL?

The Webhook URL is the URL to which we will send HTTP POST requests with updates about your SendHub account. URLs will be tested before they are saved. To add or modify your SendHub webhook URL:

  • Click the cog wheel in the upper right corner and click “My Settings”

  • Scroll down to the “API Settings” section

  • Modify the “Webhook URL” field

  1. How many API requests does my plan include?

Starter Plans are allowed 0 API requests per month. 
Business Plans are allowed 50,000 API requests per month. 



Last Updated Feb 14, 2017