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Messages - Android

  • Sending Messages
  • Viewing Messages
  • Thread and Message options
  • Attachments

Sending Messages

With SendHub you can send messages to any cellphone. Best of all, SendHub to SendHub messages are free!
To send a message, simply:
  • Press the circular "New Message" button at the bottom right of the screen
  • In the "To:" field, begin to enter the number or the name of the contact and/or group you wish to send a message to
  • Enter your message into the "Enter Message" field
  • Send the message
  • Optionally, you can press the paperclip icon to send an attachment -- anything from PDFs to images


Viewing messages

Upon logging in, the first screen you will see is the “Messages” tab
To view all messages, simply press the “Messages” tab
  • Unread messages will have a green circle
  • Read messages will have nothing
  • Read messages that have been replied to will have an arrow to the left
  • Messages that have an attachment will have a paperclip to the right

Thread and message options

In the “Messages” tab, you can long-press a message to bring up the following options:
  • Message the contact
  • Call the contact
  • Delete the whole conversation thread
  • Block the contact
After selecting a message, within the thread you can press the three dots in the upper right corner to bring up options:
  • Edit the contact
  • Block the contact
  • Delete the whole conversation thread
Finally, you can always send a message by entering a message in the “Enter Message” field and pressing the arrow button on the right.


Attachments allow you send everything from pictures to PDFs right from SendHub. To send an attachment, simply:
  • Open an existing message or open a new message
  • Click the paperclip icon at the bottom
  • In the next screen you have various options from which to choose a file from:
    • Your computer
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Box
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Google web images search
    • Taking a picture with your webcam
Last Updated Feb 09, 2017