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SendHub Conference Calls

Whether you want to do a quick team check-in, get your clients on the line for an impromptu call, or gather a few colleagues for a meeting, our new Conference Call feature will get you up and running in a few taps. You can easily invite others to your call via SMS or email, and start your conference call in seconds (dedicated link, the number never changes).

Hosting a Conference Call

At SendHub, we’re all about ease. No 10-digit passcodes, or lengthy meeting ID numbers. To start your first Conference Call, simply:

  1. Navigate to "Conference" on the web

  2. Add a Conference line or select one from your list

  3. Invite people by entering the contact name, cell phone numbers or emails

Note: Up to 15 people can join your conference line at the same time. 


Joining a Conference Call

If you’re already in SendHub joining a Conference call is simple.. To join a conference call on web:

  1. Navigate to "Conference" on the web

  2. Click on the phone icon on the Dial-In column next to the conference line you’d like to join

If you’re not a member of the SendHub enterprise hosting the conference call joining it is simple. To join a conference call:

  1. Dial the conference line number included in the invite

  2. Enter the access pin if there is one


Adding Additional Conference Lines

Each business has one conference line already created and available. This line belongs to the enterprise, not to individual users. Administrators can add additional conference lines through the web dashboard, by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into your SendHub account on the web

  2. Select “Conference” from the left navigation bar

  3. Click “Add Conference Line”. From here you can give your new conference line a name as well as set a pin

Note: Starter plans are allowed 1 conference line per enterprise, Business plans are allowed unlimited conference lines. A maximum of 10 callers for Starter and a maximum of 30 callers for Business. 

Note 2: If you’re not an administrator, reach out to your businesses’ administrator to request additional conference lines.

Last Updated Dec 09, 2015