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In SendHub, an auto-attendant is an automated answering system that plays a recorded message to callers, asks them who they're trying to reach, then redirects their calls. (Think: "Press 1 to talk to sales. Press 2 to talk to support.")
If your business experiences a significant number of inbound calls, an auto-attendant can be a great way to manage them without paying someone to do it for you.
You can also set up business hours so the auto-attendant only answers calls when your business is open, and sends calls directly to voicemail when your business is closed.
To set up your auto-attendant in SendHub:
  • Go to your settings by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner and selecting "My Settings" from the drop-down
  • Scroll down to "Phone Settings" and click the button next to "Enable Auto-Attendant." When you check that box, the "Attendant Options" appear. The number in the grey box represents the digit that the caller has to press to reach the person or group you assign to that digit

  • Select which coworker or group of co-workers will receive the call when the digit gets pressed. Type that coworker’s or group’s name into the box and press the "Add" button. You can add up to nine people or groups: one for every number on a phone's keypad

    Note: If you want to use Groups of co-workers, every person in the group must have their own SendHub line inside your company’s account.
    Note 2: If any changes are made to the group you are using in your auto attendant options
    (adding or removing contacts) you will need to delete the option and re-add it.
  • (Optional): Record your auto-attendant's greeting by clicking "Record Custom Greeting.". Give the caller clear instructions: "Press 1 for Sales." "Press 2 for support."
    If you'd like to have a custom file uploaded as your greeting, please contact

    Note: You will have a max of 30 seconds to record your auto attendant greeting.
To configure your business hours, click the "Enable Business Hours" option, then set the days and times that your business is open. Remember: all calls to your SendHub number outside of those hours will go straight to voicemail.

Note: Make sure to save your auto attendant settings by clicking "Save Auto Attendant Settings."
Last Updated Feb 15, 2017