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Account Limits

Each plan has their own types of limits. This can be total SMS limits, API request limits if you're a developer, or user limits, for example. 

If you've reached an account limit, or received a message saying "Account Limits Reached", it's possible it can be for some of the following reasons:

- You've reached the maximum number of SMS messages in your account for your current cycle. For example, if you've used 9,900 messages while in the Messaging Plan, and you're trying to send a message to 500 contacts, you'll receive the Account Limits Reached error message. In order to be able to send more messages, you'll need to upgrade your plan to the next highest plan, or you'll have to wait until your billing cycle restarts. 

Note: SMS usage counts outbound AND inbound messages. 

- You're trying to send a group message to more contacts than your plan allows (maximum recipients). For example, if you're in the Basic plan and trying to send a message to 200 contacts at once, you'll receive the Accounts Limit Reached error message. To resolve this, you'll need to send to less than 100 contacts at once, or you can upgrade your plan to one that allows for larger group messaging. 

- You're trying to add too many lines to your SendHub account. You'll need to upgrade to a plan that allows for more lines. 

- You've used up all of the allotted API requests for your account. Please reach out to our billing ( or sales team ( to discuss options on upgrading your account. 
Last Updated Sep 22, 2017