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Retrieving your Username

If you're having trouble resetting your password, you should retrieve your username first.

In order to retrieve your username, you'll need to have a verified email on file or a personal cell saved on file. 

After clicking "Forgot Username or Password?" and then "Forgot Username?", you'll be prompted to enter your previously verified email OR your previously saved personal cell for the account you're trying to retrieve the username from. 


If you entered an email, we will send an email including your username(s) if the email address entered was previously verified on your SendHub account.

If you entered a personal cell, we will send a text including your username(s) if the personal cell entered was previously saved on your SendHub account. 

NOTE 1: If you've not verified an email address or saved your personal cellphone on your account settings, you are not going to retrieve your username(s) even though we told you that we have sent your username(s) to your email or phone.

Now all you need to do is use that username to reset your password, and then you can login to your account on the web or mobile apps. 
Last Updated Jan 28, 2016