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Creating Your SendHub Account

Building out your SendHub account is easy! All you need to do is follow the short signup process and you'll be able use SendHub's convenient and flexible messaging platform. 
SendHub offers a variety of plans to fit your needs. If you'd like to get an example of how SendHub would help your business, we even offer a 14 day free trial plan upon registration (one-time use).

To create a SendHub account, visit our pricing page at and then click "get started" under the subscription plan of your choice. Keep in mind that you can upgrade and downgrade at anytime, so if you get started on the free trial today, you can move over to another plan after you've created the account.

Once you choose the plan you want to start of with and click the "get started" button under that plan, you'll be taken to a page to create your login credentials.

Enter your company name, your full name, your work email, and a secure password (minimum 8 characters). Then click “Get Started”.

If you are informed that 'This username is already taken, please select another.' you'll need to create a new username of 10 to 254 characters in length and with at least one alpha character. This happens when the 'Work Email Address' entered is currently the username for another SendHub account.

Continue signing up by verifying your email through the link we sent you by email. You should receive this within a few moments. If you don't receive it, you may want to check your Junk/SPAM folder, or you may have to try another email address.

Once you click "Verify Now" from the email you've received, you'll be redirected to where you can choose the area code you'd like to have for your new dedicated SendHub Number.

Once you've selected the area code, and agreed to SendHub's Terms of Use, you'll be able to select your new SendHub plan.


If you've selected your plan and entered your billing information, you'll be ready to begin using your new SendHub account! Give it a test by sending yourself a text message. 
Last Updated Sep 07, 2018