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Outbound MMS FAQ

  1. What is MMS?
  2. How can I get MMS enabled on my account?
  3. What are accepted content types and sizes for MMS?

1. What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. With MMS, you can send a message including a picture, video, or audio content. Most cell phones now support MMS.

With SendHub, you've always been able to attach and send images on our classic model, however, it was sent as a media url and not an outbound MMS. When you upgrade to a plan with MMS, the recipient will receive the image without having to click a link.

2. How can I get outbound MMS enabled on my account?

MMS is only available on custom plans. Please contact a sales representative by calling 844-990-4400 and pressing 1 for sales or email to request a quote for a plan with outbound MMS.

3. What are accepted content types and sizes for MMS?

The maximum size for an MMS message is 5 MB. Supported MIME types that will be formatted for delivery on the destination device are jpeg, gif, and png.

The following MIME types will be accepted but will not be formatted for the end device compatibility are:

  • Audio (basic, L24, mp4, mpeg, ogg, vorbis, vnd.rn-realaudio, vnd.wave, 3gpp, 3ggp2, ac3, webm, amr-nb, and amr)
  • Video (mpeg, mp4, quicktime, webm, 3gpp, 3gpp2, 3gpp-tt, H261,H263, H263-1998,H263-2000, and H264)
  • Image (bmp)
  • Text (vcard, csv, rtf, richtext, calendar)
  • Application (pdf)

For more information about outbound MMS, check our blog.

Last Updated May 21, 2018