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MergeWiz FAQ

SendHub’s MergeWiz is a small application that runs on your local browser.  The MergeWiz allows you to create personalized SMS messages with data merged from a CSV formatted file and sent with one click of a button.


To use SendHub's MergeWiz:

To use the MergeWiz enter in your SendHub Username (the name you use to log into the SendHub application – Username is case sensitive) and your SendHub API Key. 

Note: You can find your SendHub API Key by clicking the cog wheel in the top right, choosing the“My Settings” menu option and at then scrolling to the bottom of the My Settings page.)

Once you have your CSV file created, click on "Choose File" and select the CSV file (i.e. sample.csv).

The MergeWiz will utilize up to four columns of data.  The first column has to be the contact’s mobile phone number.  The next three columns can be any type of data.  If personalizing your SMS message with a name, the second column in the CSV should be used


See this sample CSV List:

The MergeWiz will take the data based on the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th columns and parse it in between the message you type in the three message sections shown below. See the example below of a message that would be produced base on the first row of the following sample CSV.


Check out this example:

See the example below of a message that would be produced base on the first row of the sample CSV. The message above would be formatted as below based on the values in italics being pulled from the first row of the sample CSV file:
"Hi John, your order number 50021325 is ready for pickup at store in Huntington Beach."

Once you type out your message you can click on the “Preview” button and it will show you the phone number, the combined message, and a character count for the first four rows of the CSV, if populated.  Please be aware that your message may get segmented based on its length and character set.  You can find more information about segmentation here.


Once you’re ready to send the message, click on the "Go Back" and then click on the “Send SMS”.  A results window will pop-up showing how many messages were sent and if there were any errors. 



  • This application uses SendHub’s API and your SendHub account has to have API access.
  • Messages will be segmented based on SMS standards formats.  For more information on segmentation please check out the following two links:
  • The MergeWiz does not support sending emojis.
  • The MergeWiz will work with a 10 digit or 11 digit (1 in front of the number) phone numbers.  No dashes, parentheses, or spaces can be in the number.
  • You can use all or none of the message windows when sending messages.  (If all message windows are blank it will still combine the data or message out of the CSV file.)
  • All the field in the CSV file do not have to be populated.  However, a minimum of the first six columns need to have a header.
Last Updated Sep 18, 2018