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How am I billed for long messages?

All carriers break up long SMS messages into either 160 or 70 character set blocks called segments and bill for each segment. The default length of a segment is 160 characters, however if your message has any special characters or emoji (aka non-GSM characters), this forces the carriers to use a different encoding which will reduce the segment size to 70 characters.  In addition, there are certain characters that can require 2 character spaces to encode them. These characters include: |, ^, {, }, €, [, ~, ] and \.

SendHub's SMS Calculator will now help you see how many segments your message will be as you type it into the Sendhub platform. The SMS calculator is not yet available on our mobile apps.

You can also copy and paste the text you're attempting to send on this third-party link to help predict the number of segments in your message before you send it. Make sure the option 'auto' is selected. The 'SMS Segments' number is the amount of messages you will use when sending that specific message to one contact.

SendHub charges for each segment just as the carriers charge SendHub for each segment.  The price for a long messages will be the sum of all the segmented messages per recipient. To view the total sum of all the messages for your current billing cycle, including the segmented messages, click the Cog Wheel icon in the top right-hand side of your SendHub account and select “My Settings”.  Scroll down to the “Plan” section where it will show how many messages / segments have been used and how many are remaining if you have a package plan in your current billing cycle.

Note: Please keep in mind that the “Company Usage” graph and the downloadable usage data shows only how many individual messages were used in the last thirty days (not your billing-cycle) and does not include segments.

This also applies for inbound messages.

For a more technical description please read our article on GSM Encoding.
Last Updated Apr 25, 2017